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  • Week 1: Selecting a business model and FOCUSING. How to select a particular business model that excites you and then cutting out ALL OTHER DISTRACTIONS while you build your business.
  • Week 2: Keyword research, YouTube channel setup optimization, and onpage video SEO. This could possibly take two weeks to cover, but here you will learn how to select the best KWs for your chosen business vertical, and then how to setup your YouTube channel for maximum authority and how to properly optimize your videos to rank quickly.
  • Week 3: Video creation and production, including the types, options, and resources. How to get high quality videos created for your business and your clients, the best types of videos to use, and the top tools and outsourcing options available.
  • Week 4: Live Streaming videos (broadcasting with Google Hangouts and YouTube Live Events). Knowing how to live stream your videos will give you a ranking edge, plus opens up several other opportunities for providing live stream services to clients.
  • Week 5: Advanced Link Building. How and when to use tools, PBNs, and some other secret stuff.
  • Week 6 & 7: Prospecting, Funnels, and Retargeting. How and who to prospect, setting up a prospecting/sales funnel so that you only end up talking to buyers that are presold on your services, and how to setup retargeting campaigns to make sure the people who saw your funnel are remarketed to everywhere they go.
  • Week 8: Hiring Outsourcers. How to setup a screening funnel so that you only interview real and qualified candidates. No more wasting time with "tire-kickers".
  • Week 9: Training & Managing Outsourcers. How to setup a system for training your Virtual Assistants, and then managing them in a way that keeps them highly efficient.
  • Week 10: Scaling your SEO business. This training will teach you how to take your business to the next level, where you can begin generating SERIOUS revenue while much of the work is done by your team.
  • Week 11+: To be determined based on student feedback.
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